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What’s the BIGGEST secret about scratch off lottery games that you need to know about?


There are games out there that you JUST SHOULDN’T PLAY!

Now, stay tuned because I’m going to tell you an even BIGGER secret in a minute.


Look, you can go to any state’s lottery website and look for the Instant or Scratch Off lottery games page and then look for their ‘prizes remaining’ page and you’ll see it:  Games without any top prizes remaining!


I learned this secret in 2008 and I was stunned! 


Why would I ever want to buy a scratch off lottery ticket without any top prizes remaining?   I was literally wasting $$ on scratch off lottery games where I thought I could win a big prize, but according to the state’s scratch off lottery website, there were NO top prizes remaining!


This made me furious, so I started to tell everyone I knew about it, so they’d stop wasting their money on the bad scratch off lottery games too!


To make this information more manageable, I started to pull the scratch off lottery game data into a spreadsheet so I could sort & organize it and make it easier to use.  I also started to look around at other states scratch off lottery websites, just to see what the other states were doing.


That’s when some things really started to jump out at me…..all the states publish a lot more data on their scratch off lottery tickets than just the prizes remaining!


And then my buddy pointed it out to me!  If we could gather ALL of the key data on every game and analyze it, we could determine, not only the games to avoid, but quickly identify only the very BEST scratch off lottery games to play!


But this wasn’t as obvious as you may think……




Let me explain with some background:


First – when a new scratch off lottery game is created, ALL of the tickets for that game are pre-printed.  That means they print all of the tickets at once with all of the winning tickets mixed into that printing.  Most importantly, the tickets with the top prizes are randomly placed throughout that printing!


Next, all of these tickets are stored in a secure warehouse and randomly distributed to retailers as their supplies run low.


The next thing you need to know is that every states’ website tell us several KEY pieces of information on EVERY scratch off lottery game. They publish:

–       how many tickets they have printed for each game

–       The prizes available to win in each game

–       The overall odds and the detailed odds of winning each prize

–       And finally, the prizes won or prizes remaining


So, why is all of this scratch off lottery information so important?


Let me take you through an example:


Let’s say you had 6 games for sale by your state lottery at the price $5 each, and you knew that each game had

– an initial printing of 5,000,000 tickets, and

– each game had 5 top prizes to be awarded


It would look something like this:



They all look pretty much the same, right?


As top prizes are awarded, you’d see the top prizes disappear from the states lottery website.  Which would lead you to think one game is better to play than the others.


But, this isn’t really true…in fact, it’s EXTREMELY mis-leading!


That’s because the state lottery’s prizes remaining page is only good for one thing: to tell you which games to avoid!


You need a lot more information to determine which is actually the best game to play!  To figure that out, you have to know how many tickets are left relative to the top prizes remaining.


Remember, top prizes are RANDOMLY printed throughout the entire print run, so some games haven’t sold a lot of tickets, but most of their top prizes are gone, while other games have sold a lot of tickets, but still have a LOT of top prizes remaining!


If you could see the data this way, it would immediately change how you buy your tickets!


Of course, you’d avoid the games that don’t have any top prizes remaining – That’s Secret #1


But more importantly, you’d focus your money on buying only the scratch off lottery games that have the BEST chances of winning a top prize!


And that’s the really big secret to instant games!


So how do you estimate the total number of tickets sold for every scratch off lottery game on the market?


That’s the tough part.

There’s a lot of data to collect for each and every game.


The problem is, you have to gather ALL of this data for EVERY scratch off game!


And new scratch off games are being introduced all of the time !


Finally, the real challenge is that some of this data changes every day!


So, not only is it a complex task, it’s very time consuming.


That’s where ScratchSmarter comes in.


We’ve created custom software that scrapes all of this data from the state’s lottery website every day!

Then, we crunch this data through our patent pending algorithm.


Our software does this for EVERY game, EVERY DAY.


Finally, we publish our results in our FREE Best Games to Play report.


Our report organizes all of the active games by price and we instantly tell you the games to avoid and the games that are GOOD to play!


Finally, our algorithm RANKS the scratch off lottery games to tell you the games with the best chances of winning a top prize!  And we even tell you the BEST overall game to play across ALL games! That’s the game at the top!  If you can find this game, you want to play it!


And now, you can get this report FOR FREE!

We’ll send it to when you fill in your name, email & the state where you play scratch-offs.


We send out an updated report every other week!


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ScratchSmarter analyzes all scratch off lottery games in the US where the key data is published on the state lottery websites.  Avoid the games flagged as ‘red’ on our reports and you won’t be wasting you rmoney on games where there are NO top prizes remaining!