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At ScratchSmarter, we crunch a ton of lottery data to:

+ expose lottery secrets

+ identify the best games to play and the games to avoid

+ help you win more!

What Lottery Secrets?

You might be asking “What does the lottery have to hide?”   Actually, they have a lot to hide!  In fact, they’re down right sneaky!

We’ve been gathering data from all of the state lottery websites every day since 2011.  We expose all of the lottery’s secrets here for FREE!! 

Once you learn these secrets you won’t every buy a scratch –off ticket the same way ever again!  Check out the first secret below:

It’s Fun to Win!

Having fun has been our goal since day 1!

Who couldn’t use a little more fun in their lives?   We are here to help you win big!  But, to get really good at winning scratch-off games, you have to learn some stuff about how scratch-off games are made and sold.  So we tried to make learning FUN too!

Don’t be fooled by our video secret cartoons!  All of our videos are short, but packed with really important information, all based on what we’ve discovered from 10+ years of studying scratch-off games!   And they’re all free!

Our reports are even fun and easy to use! We do all of the analysis for you and rank the games in order and color code them GREEN / YELLOW / RED

GREEN Games = Good to play
YELLOW = OK to play

How easy is that?

We get into some complicated math, but we even make that easy and fun to understand!  Our SmartFactor slide rule calculator shows you the basics of how our data analysis works.

And we break down the facts about each state lottery’s data to make it clear how much data we gather and analyze from each state for our reports!

So, even if you don’t ever buy anything from us, we really do hope you have fun by learning about scratch-off games and the lottery here at ScratchSmarter!

What does ScratchSmarter have for me?

Free info and free reports:

FREE We have a ton of free stuff here at ScratchSmarter! Get started with the basics by studying the Scratch-off 101 info. Then study the Scratch-off 201 advanced subjects Move onto our Scratch-off Secret videos! Take quizzes to earn rewards points you can use towards a subscription and Smart Scrapers! We also have a free report for every state!


We’re not going to lie –   We really want you to subscribe to our reports!  We put a ton of time, energy and money into our data analysis and we know we have the very BEST reports available!   Our data is updated daily and we publish a weekly report for you to find only the VERY BEST GAMES to play based on how the odds of winning a top prize changes from week to week!  We do all of the hard data gathering and analysis to give you a report for only pennies a day!


Can you tell we love scratch-off games yet?  Yep!  We love them so much we designed, manufactured and sell the very best tool to scratch off instant tickets!  Its only available HERE!   Check it out

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