7 of the Best Scratch Off Tickets

What if you could get rich overnight?

Sure, that may sound too good to be true. But if you could win the lottery, you could gain plenty of money. And thanks to scratch off tickets, you can win as soon as you play.

However, some tickets are better than others. In order to boost your chances of winning, you need to know what the best scratch off tickets are. Keep reading to learn what the best tickets are and how you can start winning today!

1. Extreme Crossword

Our list focuses entirely on $20 lottery tickets. To us, these are the best scratch off tickets when it comes to the cost of entry versus the odds of winning. But which ticket gives you the best odds of winning?

The Extreme Crossword (Game #179) in Kansas currently provides your best chances of winning. As of this writing, the odds of winning are one in 2.34.

2. Super 20s

Different crosswords in different states have different odds of winning. And the next best scratch off ticket is found over in Iowa.

In Iowa, the Super 20s ticket (Game #500) provides decent odds of winning. As of this writing, the odds of winning are one in 2.40. 

3. Jewel Game Book

You don’t have to travel far for the next one. If you’re already in Iowa to buy a Super 20s ticket, you might as well check out the next ticket on our list.

The Jewel Game Book ticket in Iowa (Game #426) has better-than-average odds of winning. As of this writing, the odds of winning are on in 2.52.

4. Nebraska Black

Sometimes, the location of a lottery ticket is built right into the name. For example, you must travel to Nebraska to play the Nebraska Black scratch off game.

This ticket (Game #1079) has a one in 2.59 odds of winning as of this writing. To make sure you fully understand what these odds mean, check out our detailed guide below.

5. Holiday Wishes

The next scratch off ticket on our list is Holiday Wishes. Do you have to go home for these particular holidays? No, but you do have to go back to Iowa.

In that state, this ticket (#Game 512) has a one in 2.64 odds of winning as of the time of this writing. And this rounds out the trio of Iowa tickets on our list.

6. Quarter Million Crossword

The very name of the Quarter Million Crossword promises major riches. But what are your actual odds of winning?

This ticket (Game #1230) is only available in Arizona. As of the time of this writing, your odds of winning are one in 2.70.

7. Surplus Revenue

The final scratch off ticket on our list is Surplus Revenue. And you can only play this particular game in the great state of Colorado.

This ticket (Game #2522) has decent odds of winning. As of the time of this writing, your odds of winning are one in 2.71.

Now that you know what the seven best scratch off tickets are, let’s review some of the key info you’ll need to improve your odds of winning.

What About Local Games?

Our list took you all over the country as we reviewed different scratch off tickets with the best odds of winning. But what if you want to just stick with local games?

Generally speaking, a lottery ticket will openly state what your odds of winning are. You can write this information down and eventually determine which local games have the best odds of victory by comparing all of the different scratch off tickets in your area.

At this point, things seem simple: just go with the best odds, right? But to really improve your chances, there are a few more things you need to know about your tickets.

Cutting Through the “Fuzzy Math”

Here’s a straightforward question: what does it mean to actually “win” when it comes to lottery tickets? To the state, a prize of any amount counts as a victory. But most people who play the lottery want to win more money than they put in.

For example, winning $20 on a $20 ticket is basically a zero-sum game. The initial rush of winning may be nice. But let’s be real: all you did was get your money back.

That’s why you need to double-check on the different prize levels that are available.  The ticket will tell you how many prizes are available at each level. Your goal is to figure out how many prizes are available that are worth more than the cost of your ticket.

To figure out the odds of winning these better prizes, you’ll need to divide the number of tickets sold by the number of prizes worth more than the cost of your ticket. This will determine your adjusted odds, but be warned: these odds are always going to look worse than the overall odds.

Determining How Many Tickets Are Printed

To determine adjusted odds, you must know how many tickets have been printed. This number is typically not disclosed. However, you can use other information to calculate this number.

All you have to do is multiple the number of prizes available (all prizes, not just the ones you want) by the odds. So if you know there are 2,400,000 prizes available and the odds of winning are one in 4.5, you can figure out that there are about 10,800,000 tickets available.

Things Add Up

As you can tell, understanding your odds of winning the lottery can be fairly complex. On the bright side, many who play the lottery each week will never bother to learn these important facts.

By arming yourself with this knowledge, you get a better idea of which games to play and which to stay away from. And with your knowledge of how to calculate adjusted odds, you’ll always know which tickets and prizes are worth pursuing.

The Best Scratch Off Tickets: What’s Next?

Now you know what the best scratch off tickets are and how to improve your odds. But do you know who can regularly improve your chances of winning?

We provide regular insight into lottery tickets each and every month. To see how we can make your odds of winning better, contact us today!


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