8 Reasons Lottery Tickets Make for Great Holiday Gifts

What if the perfect holiday gift could fit within the palms of your hands? Around the holidays, most of us end up stressing out over what to give our family members and friends. And we often end up wishing there was a perfect gift that just about anyone could appreciate. As it turns out, that perfect gift has been right in front of us the whole time. Lottery tickets make for great gifts. Keep reading to discover exactly how and why that is!

1. No Need To Wrap

Some people were born with the ability to wrap presents. The rest of us, though, struggle each year trying to wrap up various boxes without making the gift look like something we pulled out of a garbage can.

With that in mind, you should know that lottery tickets make great gifts in part because no wrapping is necessary. And as the rest of our guide will detail, not having to wrap the tickets up gives you plenty of creative options for sending and displaying this thoughtful holiday gift.

2. Easy To Mail

The past few years have made the holidays more “socially distanced” than ever. Thanks to COVID-19, you can’t always expect to see your more distant family members for an annual holiday get-together. And this means you need to mail out more gifts than ever.

When you mail gifts, that decision comes with its own set of headaches. You need to get the wrapping just right, then seal the wrapped gift in a box and get the taping just right. At that point, you triple-check things like the postage and then spend forever at the post office waiting to mail it off.

But mailing lottery ticket gifts couldn’t be easiest. You just throw them into an envelope, preferably with a card (more on this later), and mail it directly from your own mailbox. It saves plenty of time and is quite easier than mailing off large packages from the post office!

3. Instant Fun With Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Generally speaking, the lottery boils down to two kinds of tickets. There are scratch-off tickets you can instantly interact with and traditional tickets where you wait for the winning numbers to be announced.

While all lottery tickets make fun gifts, we recommend you use scratch-off tickets for your holiday presents. The reason is simple: if the person you are giving gifts to is impulsive or impatient, this lets them immediately start scratching.

On top of that, the scratch-off ticket has an edge over most holiday presents because it is something you know most people will use right away!

4. A Perfect Stocking Stuffer

For many people, picking stocking stuffers is the most difficult part of buying Christmas presents. And that’s because of the relatively small size of the stocking.

At some point, you’ll have most of the major gifts under the tree. And then there’s the stocking. To fill it, you need to find things that are both small and memorable. The “memorable” part is tricky, which is why most stockings just end up filled with candy.

Lottery tickets, however, are the perfect size for any stocking. And they make the stocking contents feel special without taking up much room. That way, you don’t have to choose between Snickers and scratch-offs.

5. The Thrill of Anticipation

If you don’t play the lottery much yourself, you may be wondering why these tickets make the perfect holiday gifts. And here’s the real reason: you’re not just giving someone a ticket. You are giving them the thrill of anticipation.

It’s an open secret that nobody is statistically likely to win the lottery. And while scratch-offs give you more chances to win, such victories are still rare enough that winning feels very special.

However, from the moment someone receives a ticket right up until they scratch it off, that person is actively fantasizing. What if they win, and how much could they make? What will they do with all their winnings?

Even if the ticket isn’t a winner, the act of fantasizing is very fun. And that anticipation makes for a great holiday gift!

6. Lottery Tickets As Ornaments

Because lottery tickets are small and lightweight, you can do some creative things when presenting them as gifts. And one of our favorite tricks is to create a custom Christmas ornament with a lottery ticket inside!

Make sure it is easy to open the ornament and retrieve the ticket. Now, whoever you gave the gift to can use the ornament for many years after they use the lottery ticket!

7. Fits Perfectly Inside Christmas Cards

Needless to say, these tickets fit perfectly inside Christmas cards. This makes them easy to mail to friends and family all over the world.

We also love that a lottery ticket is one of the few things that you can put inside of a card other than money. If you’re sick of just giving people money as a gift, consider changing things up by giving the gift of a lottery ticket!

Additionally, a lottery ticket tucked inside a Christmas card makes for a great holiday gift to your boss, colleagues, your child’s school teachers, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

8. Wreaths, Frames, and Other Presentation Options

Did you like the idea of giving lottery tickets as a Christmas ornament? Well, there are plenty of other unique presentation ideas for this particular gift.

If you are giving multiple tickets out (perhaps as gifts to a family), you can turn it into a holiday wreath. And if you give the gift early enough, they can enjoy it as a festive decoration right up until Christmas.

You can also create a gift basket with lottery tickets sticking out of the top. For added measure, add some candy inside the basket.

Finally, you can create a framed collage of lottery tickets. Not only does this look strikingly beautiful, but it’s very easy for you to wrap.

Your Next Move

Now you know why lottery tickets make great holiday gifts. But do you know where to learn even more about the lottery?

We specialize in helping you and those you care about win more often while playing. To hear more about our scratch-off secrets, just contact us today!

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