ScratchSmarter was started in 2010 by Dave Hafer, an IT consultant who discovered the massive amount of data the state lotteries were hiding.  Helping Fortune 500 companies gather and organize data for a living, he realized that a strong team was needed to put together ScratchSmarter. 

The goal was simple – educate the public about scratch-off games while making it fun and easy to understand, and provide a useful set of reports to help the average player win more!   What’s more fun than winning!?!

Pulling together a team of 4 others, each experts in the fields of big data, analysis, marketing and graphics, we set out to help the average lottery player to win big while having fun getting smarter about the lottery!

The team decided early on to tackle gathering data from every state they could & they were glad they did!  Once they had all of the data mapped and analyzed, the secrets to scratch-off games became readily apparent and they could verify the dirty tricks of ‘pulling games early’ and ‘reprinting games’ was widespread and happening in every state they analyzed.   

Today we manage a database that scrapes the data from 40+ lottery websites.  We’ve optimized our data gathering and analysis processes and can confidently say that we have the largest database of scratch-off game data in the world!  As of 2022, our database is over 1.8 Gig and is growing bigger every day!

We continue to keep our costs a low as possible so that the average lottery player isn’t getting ripped off to just pick scratch-off games in a better way.     We continue to keep our education free!  Get started in our Resources section to learn quickly about how to the lottery works.   But, out database is getting so big that we have to charge for our reports and analysis.  But we keep it as low cost as possible by keeping our site 100% self-serve.

Remember, it is FUN TO WIN!   That’s why we’re here – to help you win big!

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