Change Your Chance? An Expose of Gambling Rituals and Superstitions

What if you could improve your luck and win it all?

Everyone who buys a lottery ticket is looking for a big payday. But there are plenty of players and only so much prize money. In order to win, you need a little luck on your side.

That’s why we put together this definitive guide to different gambling rituals and superstitions. Keep reading to discover your new favorite lucky ritual!

Lucky Clothing

Some gambling rituals are older and more well-known than others. And here is a classic suggestion: wearing your special “lucky” clothing before you go gamble or buy a lottery ticket.

The lucky clothing can be almost anything. Sports fans will swear by a shirt they wore when their favorite team won the championship. Other people may have lucky socks or lucky jackets.

What makes something “lucky?” Usually, you’ve won big while wearing this item in the past. And the hope is that wearing it will help you call down Lady Luck’s favor one more time!

The Anointed One

Some of these good-luck activities lean more into the “ritualistic” element. For example, you can always anoint your hands for luck!

This usually means anointing your hands with a lucky cologne or perfume. However, some gamblers pick out special oils and anoint their hands with those instead.

For some gamblers, it is enough to simply wear lucky cologne or perfume on their bodies. But others feel like anointing your hands specifically is the best bet because they will be handling all of the cards, dice, and slot machines.

Charmed Objects

The next ritual is similar to lucky clothing. Instead of clothing, though, some gamblers prefer to bring charmed objects instead.

Anything can serve as a charmed object. Some people prefer charmed necklaces or rings. Others prefer classics such as a lucky rabbit’s foot.

While anything can make for a charmed object, we recommend something relatively small and portable. This lets you touch the lucky object whenever you want without disrupting the flow of the game.

Close Your Eyes

How do really good gambling superstitions come about? Mostly, gamblers simply figure out what not to do and then go from there. And that led to one of the most famous rituals of all: closing your eyes!

Many gamblers think that it is bad luck to closely watch the dice after you throw them or the roulette ball after placing a bet. Instead, these players close their eyes or otherwise turn away so they can hear the outcome without seeing it.

Not looking at the results is like a show of faith: it means you believe Lady Luck has smiled on you and you can trust her all the way to the bank.

The Right Touch

Do you like to gamble inside of casinos? If so, you should know there are plenty of gambling rituals related to the machines inside.

The simplest version of such a ritual is touching the machine in a certain place. For example, a slots player might touch the machine on the right side after pulling the lever. Alternatively, the same player might gently kick the machine or simply talk to it.

Whatever you do, the idea is to form a kind of bond with the machine in front of you. And from that bond will come the luck you need.

Seeing Red

Some rituals are simpler than others. For instance, one Chinese cultural tradition says that if you want to win big, you need to wear red.

Now, it’s dealer’s choice (so to speak) for how you do this. You could wear red all over and look very bold as you gamble. Or you could secretly rock red underwear and socks and the world will have no idea that you’re feeling lucky.

Of course, everyone has their own ideas about lucky colors. If you have a lucky color other than red, we recommend wearing that color before you gamble. 

Bring a Friend

Luck isn’t always confined to a lucky color or clothing or charm. Sometimes, your luck may be attached to another person!

Plenty of gamblers have stories about winning big when they bring a friend or a partner to the casino. And to keep things simple, they try to bring a lucky friend with them whenever they gamble!

We are particularly fond of this superstition. It may or may not bring much luck to you, but gambling is always more fun when you have a friend by your side.

Lucky Numbers

Oftentimes, there is a big difference between the gambling rituals of casino players and lottery players. But here’s a ritual they have in common: sticking with “lucky numbers.”

You might have lucky numbers in mind before you gamble. These numbers usually correspond to birthdays of loved ones or other important dates. The idea is that you play these numbers whenever you can and wait to strike it big.

Alternatively, lucky numbers may present themselves while you gamble. If you’ve already won big using certain numbers, some gamblers love to keep betting on those numbers and see how far luck will take them.

Don’t Give It Away

Remember: some rituals are more about what you shouldn’t do instead of what you should do. And at the top of the list for what not to do is lending other players any of your money.

Doing this is considered an insult to Lady Luck. It shows that you care so little for your money that you’re willing to give it away. And superstition holds that you’ll start losing it all soon after you lend even a little bit away.

You may or may not believe in this ritual. But in our opinion, you should let losing players leave the table with some dignity intact instead of loaning them more money to lose.

Winning Gambling Rituals: What’s Next?

Now you know about winning gambling rituals and superstitions. But do you know who can help you become a better overall gambler?

We help people all around the country with our insights into lottery tickets and gambling. To see how we can help Lady Luck smile on you, contact us today!

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