Everything You Need to Know About the Virginia Scratch Off Lottery

Just last year, a lucky father-son duo scored a $5 million prize in the Virginia scratch off lottery. This may sound like an unbelievable dream to many people, but it does happen. To make this your reality, though, you’re going to need to know the basics of the scratch-off VA lottery so that you can play the game the right way.

Here, we’re going to talk all about this Virginia lottery and give you some tips on how you can win big. Read on if you want to maximize your chances of walking away lucky and rich.

The Basics of the Virginia Scratch Off Lottery

You can buy VA scratch tickets at pretty much every gas station and corner store. The least expensive scratchers cost about $3, $5, and $10. If you get lucky, this is going to give you thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars.

You can also buy Virginia scratch tickets for higher prices. $20 and $30 are fairly common prices for those who don’t mind a little risk for a bit more reward. A winning $30 ticket could make you a whopping $10 million.

Note that the scratch off lottery is different from the official VA lottery. Scratch tickets provide you with instant winnings as soon as you unveil the numbers on them. The official Virginia lottery makes you select numbers and wait for a drawing.

How Much Can You Win?

The general winning figures above are broad because they’re an across-the-board estimate for scratch ticket enthusiasts. The amount of money that you win depends on the exact scratch-off lotto that you choose to play.

Some common scratchers include:

  • $1,000,000 Platinum Jackpot ($10 to play, 3.92 odds of winning, $1 million jackpot)
  • $1 Million Royale ($20 to play, 3.72 odds of winning, $1 million jackpot)
  • $38,000,000 Blowout ($10 to play, 9.35 odds of winning, $38,000,000 jackpot)
  • $100,000 Cash ($5 to play, 4.19 odds of winning, $100,000 jackpot)
  • $200 Frenzy ($5 to play, 4.21 odds of winning, $200 jackpot)
  • $40,000 Payday ($2 to play, 
  • $38,000,000 Blowout ($10 to play, 4.5 odds of winning, $40,000 jackpot)

There are many more scratch tickets that you can choose from as well.

Odds vs Jackpots

Playing the scratch-ticket lottery in Virginia is extremely easy. All you need to do is research the odds and winnings prior to making your decision. You’ll need to decide which of these things matters more to you before making a purchase. 

Choosing a game with high odds is a good idea even if the jackpot is low. It maximizes your chances of winning. Even if you win a small amount, you’re likely to at least get your official wager back so that you can play again and earn more money.

This means that you’ll accumulate more money over time if you play the lotto enough. Your steady winnings will provide you with a constant adrenaline rush, keep you afloat, and ensure that you don’t develop financial problems as a result of playing.

However, if you’re looking to win big and don’t mind some risk, buying a low-odds ticket might be worthwhile if there’s a high reward. This is ideal for those who play the lottery infrequently and want to make their occasional ticket count.

Make sure that you know all of the best scratch-off secrets prior to playing. This will help you understand the ways that you can maximize your chances of winning. You also will learn more about the mechanics of scratch-offs and some ways to keep the money that you win safe.

How to Play the VA Lottery

Once you know exactly what you’re looking for and find a ticket that matches your needs, it’s time to actually play. This is the easiest step in the process.

Go to your local store or gas station, purchase a ticket with cash, and scratch off the numbers on the ticket. You can do this easily with a Smart Scraper. Using the right tools will stop you from accidentally distorting numbers with uneven coin edges.

Look over your ticket and see what you have won. Take it back to the counter of the location where you bought it and cash out. Assuming that you won under $600, you’ll be handed the money then and there from the ticket retailer.

Are Winnings Taxable?

All lottery winnings above $600 are reported to both federal and state tax agencies. Those who win over $5000 will have taxes automatically withheld. The taxation rate for Virginia scratch ticket winnings is 24% at the federal level and 4% at the state level.

How Can You Cash Out After Winning?

If you win over $600 on a ticket, you’ll need to claim a prize at one of the VA lottery’s customer service centers. Bring your ticket with your signature on the back to any one of these locations. You also will need a government-issued photo ID to prove that you’re the rightful winner.

You will then need to give the customer service representative your social security and tax ID number. If you aren’t a US resident, you can show your permanent resident card or green card in addition to your Visa ID.

Winnings can also be cashed out by mail. Send all of this documentation along with your signed ticket to the VA lottery’s official center.

Make sure that you cash out within 180 days of scratching your winning ticket. After this timeframe, the ticket will expire and you won’t be able to claim your prize.

If you win more than $600, note that it will also go on public record. There’s nothing you can do to prevent this. Your photo will likely be posted online by press publications for the sake of publicity.

However, if you win over $10 million, you can claim the prize anonymously. This stops others from seeing that you have won and prevents any sort of press release.


Take a Gamble On Yourself Today

Taking the leap and buying Virginia scratch off lottery tickets may sound daunting. Luckily, it’s a really easy and low-risk process that can get you a lot of fast cash.

Our experts analyze data and information to determine the chances of winning the lotto. When you check out our website and chat with our professionals, you’ll get legit tips on how to win big. Contact us with any more questions that you have about playing the lottery in Virginia and maximizing your chances of scoring big bucks!

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