Florida Scratch-off Winner Hits it Big With $2 Million

What if your life could completely change overnight? That’s what happened to one lucky Northwest Florida man. His scratch-off lottery ticket ended up being worth a cool two million dollars! Want to learn more about this Florida scratch-off story and how it can improve your own lottery odds? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Who Won the Florida Scratch-Off?

When you make it big with the lottery, it doesn’t take long before everyone in town knows your name. So when you hear about this Florida scratch-off winner, the first question: who won the big prize?

The winning man is named Tamur Campbell. He is 38 years old now and actually purchased the winning ticket one week before his 38th birthday.

Campbell is a resident of DeFuniak Springs, a small town located in Northwest Florida. And he didn’t have to travel very far in order to receive the winning ticket. Like most scratch-off ticket winners, he purchased the winning ticket when he pulled into a gas station!

Where Did He Win?

Scratch-off lottery tickets are very popular in Northwest Florida and available in many different locations. For Campbell, finding the winning ticket was as simple as visiting a nearby gas station.

The gas station in question is the Highway 83 General Store. It is located in DeFuniak Springs on 4483 State Road 83 North.

Countless customers come and go from this store each and every day. But in Campbell’s case, this visit has changed his life forever.

What Game Did He Play?

If you’ve played the scratch-off lottery before, then you understand that there are many different kinds of games out there. And once someone wins, a natural question to ask is, “what game was he playing?”

The game is called 100X THE CASH. As far as scratch-off lottery games go, this one is pretty recent. In fact, it only launched in September of 2020.

And relative to other scratch-off games, this one is slightly expensive at $10 per ticket. But considering that the average price of these kinds of lottery tickets ranges from $1 to $20, a $10 ticket is fairly “middle of the road” in terms of price.

While the $2 million paydays is very nice, that just represents a fraction of what this game has to offer. In fact, 100X THE CASH boasts that it has over $294 million in cold, hard cash prizes.

But like any good lottery, this game is high risk, high reward. Players only have a 1 in 3.5 odds of winning anything at all, and it’s much harder to win prizes as high as Campbell got. As always, remember that your exact odds may change over time.

Then again, his victory underscores the simple truth about the lottery. If you want to win big, you have to be willing to take some big risks.

Different Ways to Get Paid

Did you know that lottery winners can choose how they get paid? One option is to receive everything as a lump sum payment. The other option is to receive your payment over many years instead of all at once.

Which option did Campbell go for? He decided to receive his winnings all at once in the form of a lump sum payment.

Why would anyone ever choose options other than the lump sum? One reason for this is that getting a nice check every month provides an additional level of financial security. Rather than worry so much about the right investments, you can rest assured you’ll get a free payday every month for most of the rest of your life.

Another reason is that winners typically receive less money when they choose the lump sum payment instead of payments over time. In Campbell’s case, the lump sum amount that he received for his $2 million award was actually only $1,780,000.

We don’t yet know much about what Campbell intends to do with the money. But some lottery winners in the past have preferred lump sum payments because it helps them make additional investments.

Done right, wise investment of a lump sum payment can help you seriously grow your winnings. But done poorly, bad investments can dry your entire lottery winnings up in no time at all!

Does the Store Make Any Money From This?

Whenever someone wins a lottery ticket, the place they bought the ticket from gets to share the spotlight. For example, few people outside of DeFuniak Springs knew anything about the Highway 83 General Store. Now, this store is part of the national news cycle because they sold Campbell the winning ticket.

Aside from some free publicity, though, many lottery players have wondered: does the store get anything else as a reward for selling the winning ticket?

The short answer is “yes.” For this particular lottery, the retailer who sells this kind of winning ticket receives a $4,000 bonus commission. While that may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to a $2 million lottery prize, we’re confident the store is happy with the free money.

The Importance of Florida Scratch-Off Tickets (And Beyond)

Sometimes, friends and family may be surprised to you see play scratch-off tickets, especially if you do so on a regular basis. This is usually because they think that scratch-off tickets are rare compared to other types of lotteries.

In reality, the opposite is true. About 75% of lottery sales each year are from scratch-off tickets. And while the prizes for scratch-off tickets are typically smaller than the biggest national lotteries, scratch-off tickets help to raise over one billion dollars annually for Florida’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.

What’s Next?

Now you know the details about who won this major Florida scratch-off prize. But do you know who can help you achieve your own major scratch-off victory?

We specialize in helping players just like you improve their game. To improve your odds today, check out our list of powerful scratch-off secrets!

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