North Port Woman Wins $1M Scratch-Off: 7 Tricks to Winning the Florida Lottery

What if your entire life could change in a single moment? For those who win the Florida lottery, that’s exactly what happens. All it takes is the right combination of numbers to transform ordinary people into millionaires.

The trick, of course, is picking the right numbers. Wondering how you can be the next to cash out? Keep reading to discover our top tips for winning the Florida lottery!

1. Buy More Tickets

Sometimes, the best tips are the simplest. And our first tip is nice and simple: you need to buy more tickets.

The lottery is pretty much the best example of spending money to make money. Every new ticket is another chance to win. In that sense, buying two tickets instead of the usual one can effectively double your odds of winning.

However, the lottery is also a lot like gambling. To make sure you don’t spend too much money, you need to set a hard limit on how much you’ll spend each week or each month. This lets you increase your odds of winning without draining your bank account in the attempt!

2. Pick Your Games Carefully

Let’s face it: actually reading the odds of winning the lottery can be pretty sobering. But checking out those odds is one of the best ways to boost your chances of winning.

For example, many people flock to major drawings like Powerball. But that’s not truly a “Florida lottery” because it is played nationwide. And the more people who play, the harder it is to win.

By playing in smaller, in-state lotteries, you will compete against fewer people and have a better chance of winning. The only downside is that state prizes are going to be smaller than the prizes of international lotteries, but you’ll still have plenty of money to invest.

3. Join (Or Make) a Lottery Pool

Ever hear the phrase “if you can’t beat’em, join’em?” Believe it or not, that phrase is perfect for the lottery. And it’s exactly why more people are joining lottery pools each year.

In a lottery pool (also known as a lottery syndicate), you join together with a larger group to buy lottery tickets. You are effectively pooling your money together in order to buy more tickets.

What makes this better than buying more tickets on your own? In lottery pools, you enter into an agreement to split the winnings if anybody in the pool wins. This reduces your eventual payout but can significantly increase your chances of winning.

And if nothing else, creating a lottery pool among friends or colleagues can provide a fun way to bond from week to week.

See our tips for joining a lottery pool here!

4. Avoid Consecutive Numbers

What about the lottery numbers themselves? There are a few tips you can follow to boost your chances to win. And one of the biggest tips is that you need to avoid consecutive numbers.

While lottery odds are random, it would be extremely rare for the winning number to be something like “1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” Spreading your numbers out helps improve your overall odds of winning.

Even better, there are certain numbers you can shoot for. Studies have shown your odds are best if your numbers add up to anywhere between 104 and 176. In short, avoid consecutive numbers and try to make the sum of all your numbers land within that range!

5. Avoid Numbers in the Same Group

This next tip is a two-parter. It’s less scientific, but it gives you some simple guidelines to follow.

First of all, try to avoid numbers in the same group. The numbers you can select from are split into different groups. To maximize your chances of winning, try to avoid picking multiple numbers from the same group.

Second of all, try to avoid numbers that end in the same digit. For instance, 43 and 53 are from different number groups, but you should avoid choosing both because each ends in “3.”

Ultimately, the goal is to create a good number strategy that follows these rules and boost your odds. If nothing else, that’s better than sticking with birthdays and anniversary dates and hoping for the best!

6. Scope Out Less Popular Games

Earlier, we talked about the importance of playing in actual state lotteries instead of national lotteries. You can take that advice to the next level by aiming for less popular games.

Think about it this way: there is always an active lottery. You just don’t know about them all because some are less prominent than others. And the fewer people who are playing, the better your chances of winning.

By doing a little homework, you can discover all of the less popular games that are played at different times. By focusing on those lotteries instead of something like MegaMillions, you can boost your odds in a profound way.

7. Aim High

Remember when we mentioned choosing birthdays and anniversary dates? Countless lottery players do this. As a result, many people pick lottery numbers that range from 1-31.

An advanced lottery trick is to pick some (or all) of your numbers higher than 31. This means you won’t be competing with very many people for the exact same numbers.

Now, this may not boost your odds of winning as much as some of our other tips. But it helps ensure that if you do win, you are less likely to split the winnings with somebody who has the same ticket.

8. Play in “Second Chance” Games

What do you do with a lottery ticket if you don’t win? Chances are that you throw it away. But that old ticket may still offer you a chance to win.

Many lotteries offer “second chance” drawings. You simply fill out a form on the old ticket, mail it in, and wait for the drawing.

The prize pools aren’t as big, but it’s still possible to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. And because few people play (or even know about) second-chance games, you are likelier to win big.

Winning the Florida Lottery: What’s Your Next Move?

Now you know more about winning the Florida lottery. But do you know who can help you win even more prizes?

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