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South Dakota Lottery ScratchSmarter Subscription

From: $9.99 every 3 months

Subscribe to the South Dakota Lottery Best Games to Play Report to get instant access!  Analysis of the South Dakota Lottery Scratch Games is available from one of our three subscription plans:

  • 1 Year Premium Membership AccessSorry, we do not offer a premium report for SD as they do not publish data frequently enough for us to offer a daily report.  A weekly standard report is the best we can do for SD Lottery.
  • 1 Year Standard Membership Access – Access to our standard reports!  Standard weekly reports are updated every Friday by 12 NOON EST in the members area and reports are emailed to you by 5 PM EST every Friday!*
  • 3 Month Standard Membership Access– Access to our standard reports!  Weekly reports are updated every Friday by 12 NOON EST in the members area.

*NOTE: email delivery of reports are not guaranteed. Click here for limitations.

NOTICE: All subscriptions are auto-renewing.

Our site is 100% self-serve!  You can turn off the auto-renew quickly and easily after subscribing.  Simply turn it off in your account / subscriptions area.  Instructions can be found here: https://scratchsmarter.com/turn-off-auto-renewal/

Want to know more about the data we collect from the SD Lottery for our subscriptions?  Check out our South Dakota Lottery page.

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