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From: $9.99 every 3 months with a 14-day free trial

Our Tennessee Lottery Best Games to Play Reports are designed for smart players who play to win! With ScratchSmarter analysis, you’re not just playing games….you’re playing with intelligence! Maximize your chances, make informed decisions, and elevate your gaming experience with our SmartFactor analysis! The ScratchSmarter analysis is available in two types of reports:

Premium reports:  Sorry, we do not offer a premium report for PA as they do not publish data frequently enough for us to offer a daily report.  A weekly standard report is the best we can do for TN Lottery.

Standard reports:

      are updated once a week – every Friday by 8 am EST.

      includes all games – up to the ‘last day to claim’ date, given you analysis on ALL games, not just the ones the lottery wants you to focus on!

      includes 4 unique Best Game reports:

              – across all games

              – grouped by game price

              – sorted by overall odds

              – sorted by top prize remaining

      available in a quarterly (3 month) subscription or a discounted annual subscription

NOW:  All subscriptions come with a free 14 day trial!

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT OUR TENNESSEE BEST GAMES TO PLAY REPORT:  The TN lottery reserves one top prize from each game for a second chance drawing.   We do not consider this ‘reserved’ prize winnable at the time of selecting an ticket in the store, so we reduce the Top Prize remaining count by 1 for EVERY TN lottery instant game.

NOTICE: All subscriptions are auto-renewing and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any subscription at anytime!

Our site is 100% self-serve!  You can turn off the auto-renew quickly and easily after subscribing.  Simply turn it off in your account / subscriptions area.  Instructions can be found here: https://scratchsmarter.com/turn-off-auto-renewal/

Want to know more about the data we collect from the Tn Lottery for our subscriptions?  Check out our Tennessee Lottery page.


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