Recent PA Lottery Scratch-Off Winners

Over $10 million got awarded to PA lottery scratch-off winners in December alone. Because of this, it is obvious why people show interest in getting involved in the lottery. Are you aware of this long legacy of people winning the lottery, people who are like you and me?

We have put together a list of some of these people, so you can learn what PA lottery scratch-off ticket winners look like. By the end of this article, you should understand that anyone could be a winner, even you. So, read on to find out more.

1. Ted Vallandingham

In December, a Pennsylvania man named Ted Vallandingham accepted a cheque after winning a prize from a scratch-off ticket. Reports say he considers the whole situation “surreal”. He reportedly only thought he had won $1k, but a store clerk approached him and informed him that he had a ticker for a thousand times that in his hands.

Ted had won $1 million. As a retired aircraft maintenance inspector, he would use that money to go towards a more comfortable life for himself. With a mortgage and two children, he could use the money to secure a future for both Ted and his family.

Ted was especially happy, as the win happened only a week after his birthday, making it a very timely windfall. Still, he had to convince his family that he was telling the truth. His wife did not even believe him at first, and it took all of them some time to realize how their lives had now changed.

2. Ray Boose Jr.

Ray Boose Jr. may be the luckiest man alive. This past September, he won one million dollars after buying a “Millionaire Maker” scratch-off ticket. The thing is, this is not the first time he has won on a scratch-off ticket in the Pennsylvania lottery.

A few months earlier, Mr. Boose entered with a “Mining for Millions” scratch-off and won that one too, netting one hundred thousand dollars. At this rate, people are likely to ask him all about how to win on the instant lottery.

The first thing this man from Cumberland County did was call his family. He wanted them to share in his celebration. The one thing his wife wanted to do was see the ticket. It was so shocking she could not believe her luck until she saw the ticket itself.

After winning the lottery in Pennsylvania, Ray Boose Jr. plans to buy a new house. This one is closer to where he works. 

3. Donald N.

Late into 2021, a man named Donald N. won the $1 million jackpot on the “$1,000,000 Merry and Bright” scratch ticket.

Donald chose to remain anonymous. This means the Pennsylvania lottery may only publish their name and the fact they lived in Cumberland. Other than this, their information remains out of the public record.

Winners of the scratch-off lottery sometimes do this for several reasons, including:

  • Personal safety
  • Avoiding drama with friends and family
  • General privacy

Whatever Donald’s reasons, he moves forward in his life $1 million richer than he was before December. While the odds of winning on instant lottery tickets are low, you can mitigate this. There is every chance he made use of a good strategy to choose the right tickets at the right time.

4. Raymond P.

Much like Donald N., Raymond P. decided to remain anonymous. This win occurred with the “Merry and Bright” scratch-off game, and the win was for one million dollars.

Raymond P. will be enjoying a great Christmas once he decides how to receive the prize. He will receive the option of earning the winnings over several years as smaller payments, or as a reduced lump sum. This allows him to spread the money out over time.

He bought the ticket at a location called Country Farms, a grocer and general store. It goes to show that winning tickets can appear from any location, but you need to know what tickets are still winners. You should remember that you can still find such reports online at websites that specialize in that kind of information.

5. Joseph H. and Michael M.

Joseph H. is a man from Lebanon who won the $3 million prize in October 2021. He bought the ticket at a Cider Sub Express on East Cumberland Street for only $30 and had plenty of time to cash it in.

Similarly, Michael M. hails from Montgomery in PA and he, too, won a tidy $3 million from a scratch-off ticket in October. It was sold from a Wawa store on South Trooper Road in Norristown, and he cashed it in during the same month.

Michael M. has decided to remain anonymous, as has Joseph H. They have not declared their reasons for doing so.

6. Randy Lytle

While the odds of winning with instant lottery tickets are low, there are still plenty of Pennsylvania lottery winners to go around. Another winner in 2021 was an Indiana County steelworker. He was fortunate to have won after he went on furlough during the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 2021 was a hard time for many people, but Randy Lytle has little to worry about anymore. He even won another $1,000 the day before, but in the face of a $3 million win that might as well be peanuts.

After he cashed in the $1k ticket, he used the winnings to buy another ticket, and that one skyrocketed his earnings. He reports his fiancee did not believe their luck at first, but now they have plenty to go towards their future wedding.

Become One of the PA Lottery Scratch-Off Winners

Now you have seen what it looks like to be one of the PA lottery scratch-off winners, you might want to join their ranks. Of course, there are specific tips and tricks to get yourself in their position. You might even have questions about how to give yourself the best chances of winning at a scratch-off.

There are some very specific secrets you could start learning to improve your odds, and we are willing to provide them. So, check out our advice and get started today.

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