We now have two points programs: Smarter Points and Winners Circle Rewards! 

Here’s how they work:


Earn Smarter Points by exploring our Free Scratch Academy learning path where you can master everything our 14 years of game analysis can teach you! When you’ve completed Scratch Academy you odds of winning bigger and more frequently will be obvious to you! This isn’t a classroom! All of our videos and lessons are fun and easy to use! Simply complete quizzes and watch videos to earn Smarter Points. Then use those points to for ScratchSmarter discounts or to play our on-line scratch games to put what you’ve learned into practice without spending a dime on any real-world games!

Here are all the ways you can accumulate points:

Register for free on our site 50 points for creating a free account
Watch our videos and take our quizzes 10 points for every question answered correctly
Play our on-line Scratch & Win Cards (coming soon) Points or free subscription based on the odds of each game

Smarter Points can be used to play our online scratch off games for a chance to win great prizes, free subscriptions or coupons! Additional merchandise coming soon!


Now, you can to turn your winning lottery tickets into even more rewards and some fun!

We award you one point for every dollar win on a scratch-off game card when you post a picture of it on our site! All you have to do is share a photo of your winning card! 

Winners Circle members compete against each other to achieve levels and rankings for how much they’ve won in the real world!

Look, we know the goal of playing the lottery is to win $$, but we want to make it more fun by putting a little friendly competition across our subscribers! Here’s how it works:  .

  1. Win on any ticket using our ScratchSmarter Best Games to Play report
  2. Take a picture of your winning ticket
  3. Upload your picture of your winning game card HERE
  4. Redeem your points for amazing rewards!
  5. Earn more points below!

Here are all the ways you can accumulate points:

Purchase any subscription 1 point for every lottery dollar spent*
Bonus points for first subscription purchased 50 Winners Circle points for your first subscription
Upload a picture of your winning ticket on our site 1 Winners Circle point for every dollar won

* The Winners Circle program is automatically unlocked once you purchase a subscription!

All submissions are reviewed by our team for validation and most points are awarded to your Winners Circle points balance very quickly.  

Prizes over $2500 will be validated with your state lottery’s winners page where we will match your name and the prize amounts to validate large prize winners before awarding your Winners Circle rewards points on ScratchSmarter.

WARNING:  Fraudulently submitting incorrect winning amounts, duplicate images and / or tickets which are not your own will automatically and immediately disqualify you for the Winners Circle rewards program.  Disqualification will result in a removal of all of your winners rewards points.


What do you earn with Winners Circle rewards?

  Points Earned   Reward
1000 pointsFree One -Year Standard Subscription to our Best Games to Play report for your state
2,500Free One-Year Premium Best Games to Play Subscription (if available for your state), or 3 free one year standard subscriptions PLUS 3 free SmartScrapers to share with your friends!
>10,000Free lifetime subscription to ScratchSmarter’s Best Games to Play report AND the Secret ScratchSmarter Surprise pack!*

How do you redeem your points?

When you reach a prize level above, we’ll reach out to you to apply the points to your membership account.  When you hit a prize level above, we’ll apply the credit to your account!  You can see your points balance in the members’ area!

The Details:

  • Points are not redeemable for money.
  • Points are only redeemable at
  • Rewards are applied to future subscriptions.  Subscription payments are not refundable for points.
  • Once redeemed, coupons and points cannot be reused or reissued.
  • An active subscription is required to keep your points.  If your subscription ends, your points will automatically expire.
  • For winning ticket pictures:  we personally review all pictures for validity.    No picture? No Points!
  • All other points earned (purchases, quizzes, contests, social sharing, etc) are applied to your account automatically.
  • Specifics about winning tickets:
    • By submitting a picture of your winning ticket, we reserve the right to use that image on our site and in our marketing activities.
    • We will not remove any personally identifiable information on the pictures.
    • We will not blur out the winning redemption code or QR code or barcode if it is visible in the picture before posting the winning picture on our website, so please cover it when you take your picture!
    • When submitting pictures, your email address is required – we use this to apply the points. However, if we use your winning picture on our site, your email address will not be visible to anyone.
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