Buy a book of tickets?

We definitely DO NOT recommend buying a book of tickets – By ‘book’ we mean an entire PACK of tickets. This is a guaranteed way to lose a lot of money all at once. The only way we would buy an entire pack fo tickets is if we KNEW, without doubt, that there was a BIG winner in that pack and, that is not possible to know with the data published on any of the lottery websites.

Why are we so adamant about this?

We track the overall odds and the detailed odds on every game at every prize level. The games are GUARANTEED to make the state moneyNOT give it away to all of the players.

And because we see exactly how all of the detailed odds are applied to every prize level, we can see clearly that buying a pack of tickets is a guaranteed way to lose a lot of money at once.

Also, because we know that EVERYONE is scratching, including the retailers who sell the tickets, you have to be careful about how and where you play.

We suggest buying only one to two tickets at a time and NOT scratching them off in the retail store.  You don’t want to let the people in the store know if you won or lost.

Even if you win (small or a large prize) we suggest taking it to another retailer to claim the prize.

This will prevent the retailers from getting an unfair advantage of knowing which rolls have had a string of losers in a row because that’s when they step in and buy the next few tickets – increasing their odds of winning – and that’s just not fair to you or anyone else buying scratch-off tickets.

In summary – don’t buy a pack of tickets.  If you want to give money away, email us, we know of a few charities we could recommend instead of your state’s lottery!

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