Buy an entire book of tickets?

Is it a good idea?

We have been asked several times if buying a book of tickets all at once is a good idea.  We can think of a million ways for you to have more fun losing most of your money!  In other words, NO, buying an entire book of tickets is, in our opinion, not a good idea.  The lottery is 100% designed to take your $$.  This is legalized gambling, designed to fund state government initiatives or education programs.  It wouldn’t work for the state if the lottery gave away more money than it made.

Even with our SmartFactor algorithm analysis, the odds are still against you winning.  Unless you knew, for certainty, that that one book of tickets would return MORE money than you spend on it, you shouldn’t hand over all of your $$ at once.  And we guarantee that you will never know if that book of tickets contains the big winning ticket.

We cannot recommend buying an entire book of tickets at once.  Check out our Video Secrets to learn some different strategies on how to maximize your chances of winning more often.

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