Buyer beware- Lottery’s dirty trick

Before you buy your next ticket – please take a minute to read this page!

Scratch off tickets / Scratchers / Instant games – whatever you call them, you need to know that they can be very tricky!   Actually, the games themselves, usually, are straight forward – you scratch them and you see if you won or lost!  The state lottery that issues these games and the rules that govern those games are where things get tricky!

First – your state’s lottery commission is NOT in the business of trying to make you or anyone else rich.  They’re in the business of making money for the state.  They do it VERY well.  In fact, in 2011, we pulled all of the reports from every state selling scratchers and, across the country, more that $32 BILLION in revenue was generated.  That was as much money as Powerball and Megamillions generated that year, combined!  The lotteries want to KEEP as much of that money as they can, and they have a few strategies they use to maximize that money!

The first strategy is:  SELL ALL OF THE TICKETS!

The second strategy is: STOP Selling all of the TICKETS!

Doesn’t make sense?  Well – follow along – they use these two strategies on each individual game based on how much money each game has made for them.

They use the first strategy “SELL ALL THE TICKETS” when they print a game and all of the top prizes get won EARLY in the release of the game.  In other words, they have to try to sell all of the tickets where there are NO top prizes available to win!

The second strategy: “STOP Selling all of the TICKETS” is used when a game has been for sale for a while, has sold a lot of tickets, but there are still some REALLY big prizes unclaimed.  Read more about this here.

So, it really is a BUYER BEWARE marketplace when buying scratch off (Scratchers) tickets!

Fortunately, most states publish information on their websites about the number of prizes remaining.  We make it easy for you  in our reports because we mark any games with NO top prizes remaining as “DO NOT PLAY”.  All of these games are highlighted RED so you stay away from them.  Why waste your money on games where you cannot possibly win a top prize?

So, BUYER BEWARE when you’re looking at those scratch off games.  Use our reports and follow our video secrets for more tips to ScratchSmarter & win big!

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