Can’t Find the Top Game?

By now you’ve had a chance to look at the report you purchased from us and you might have a few questions.

We consistently get the same set of questions from new subscribers….they go something like this:

“Hey you have XYZ game listed as #1 but that game is no longer for sale… retailer says that game has ended! What’s going on….your report is wrong!”

Then, the person writing gets upset and assumes that ScratchSmarter is some sort of scam……..

HOLD ON – let me explain what is going on here – this is probably the most important thing we’ve learned about scratch off tickets since we started. And it’s a bit of an UGLY truth:

Some state lotteries PULL GAMES before all of the top prizes have been awarded!


Yes – It’s true. The lotteries have laws around what games to SELL, but they have no laws saying they have to award ALL the prizes for every game they sell! So they use the trick of PULLING games when they’ve made enough profit from them.

Here’s what we’ve found: across the nation, for every state where we do our SmartFactor analysis, almost ALL states use the strategy of ‘pulling games’ to increase their profits.

They will pull a game from retailer shelves before all the tickets are sold. We can only assume that this happens when they’ve made enough of a profit on an individual game.

Basically, they sell all of the non-winning tickets and the big winners could still be sitting in a warehouse somewhere – NEVER to be sold and NEVER to be claimed!

We usually start to see games being pulled from retailers when our SmartFactor rating hits a 2.5 – 3.0 or above. This means that the odds of winning a top prize have improved 2.5 to 3 times the original odds.

When that happens, we usually see the state start to yank the remaining tickets off of the shelves so you cannot win one of the remaining big prizes!

And worse yet, the retailers can only sell you the tickets they have in stock, so they simply tell you ‘that game is over!”

They don’t care why it’s over, they just want to sell you a ticket they have in stock, make their 5% commission, move on, and hope you buy something else (other than a lottery ticket) in their store. They just can’t be bothered with important details about the tickets they’re selling for a measly 5% margin.

So, are you being cheated by our reports?

No, you’re definitely not.

We’re giving you the card count for every game, now you just have to go on a hunt to find the VERY BEST game you can find!

Just because the lottery is pulling the games doesn’t mean there still aren’t tickets for sale, somewhere in your area.

Look around and try to find them. IF you can’t find them, move down our report to the next best game on the list and play that one!


When games are “Yellow” it means, the odds of winning a top prizes haven’t changed in your favor, and when the games are marked RED, the odds of winning a top prize are WORSE than when the game was originally printed OR there are NO top prizes remaining. (More on that in our next email.)

I’m really sorry to have shared this terrible news with you, but when you’re buying scratchers, it is a “buyer beware” marketplace and the state and your retailers are NOT out to make it easy for you to win.

Remember, LUCK IS NOT ENOUGH! Learn to ScratchSmarter by using our analysis and following our VIDEO SECRETS to improve your chances of winning.

Let us know if you have any questions. Email us at

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