Why should I trust ScratchSmarter?

Trust is a hard thing to come by – especially with so many ‘get rich quick’ schemes on the internet today. 

ScratchSmarter strives to earn our customer’s trust- day in and day out.  We are the NUMBER ONE SOURCE for instant scratch-off game data and analysis in the US.  We gather more data about instant games than anyone else! We analyze it for more customers than any other service in the world. 

We started in 2011 and immediately began gathering data from 30 + lottery websites on day one!  We gather (scrape) all of the key data every day for every game.  Since that time, we we’ve expanded – scraping 40 states’ lottery pages every day.  We’ve analyzed over 26,000 unique games since we started and we update an active game list every day of more than 3,000 active games on any given day across the US.

All of this data and analysis doesn’t mean anything if we don’t help our customers win!  As of April 2022, we’ve helped our subscribers win more than $160,000.00.   Check out our winners page here.

The lottery and the retailers will always do their best to trick you out of your $$.  ScratchSmarter is here to help you!  We do all of the difficult analysis to help you only play the very best game!  And we have a wealth of easy to use resources to help you Scratch Smarter!   Start Scratching Smarter today!

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