Vending Machines

What about those Vending Machines? likes the lottery vending machines for one reason only:  there isn’t another person involved with the sale of your ticket!  So, you don’t have a greedy store clerk watching what tickets are winners or losers on every game!

However, there are downsides to Lottery machines:

  • You can only tell the game name, and not the games number!  Learn why this is so important here!
  • You can’t tell how many tickets are left on any roll.
  • You have to buy a ticket to see what ticket number is on the roll.
  • You have to buy at least two tickets to determine if the ticket roll numbers are ascending or descending.
  • Some machines have stickers or magnets that get put on games indicating that the game is new!  These are often moved by kids or others and put on games that AREN’T  new, so the labels are misleading.
  • Machines are filled by lottery route drivers who tend to fill the machines with ‘bad games’ = games with no top prizes remaining;  these route drivers tend to save the better games for retailers who sell over the counter.

So, if you can find a well-stocked vending machine (one with good games) – you should use it!  If, however, your local vending machines are stocked with bad games, don’t use them!

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