Why Overall Odds Don’t Change

If detailed odds change, why don’t the overall odds change for a game over time?

The answer to this question is best explained using just one game as an example. The video below explains why overall odds don’t change for a game over time for a game we’ve pulled from our data base from a game sold by the Arizona Lottery.

Although this is just one game, the same concept (and math) applies to ALL Scratch-off games. The actual calculations may change slightly based on the different prize levels and the total number of top prizes, but in general the percentage calculations are pretty close for most games, especially for games with larger valued top prizes.

M The total number top prize tickets (prizes in the top three prize levels) account for, usually, less that 1/10 of 1% of the total number of tickets printed!

Losing tickets. usually make up half or two thirds of all of the tickets printed, and sometimes even more for some games. In this video example, it’s 54 / 100 ths of all tickets printed are losing tickets.

Then, 49.5 / 100ths of tickets are winning tickets, but all are for prizes worth less than $500 dollars.

Only 1/2 of 1 % (or .5%) of the printed tickets are winning tickets worth more than $500.

When such a disproportionate number of winning tickets are worth the smallest prizes, it’s easy for the lottery to say that the Overall Odds for a game will not change through the life of that game!

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