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Since 2011, ScratchSmarter has been tracking instant scratch-off lottery game information for almost EVERY state lottery in the US. We’re a team of data professionals who have put our technical experience into ScratchSmarter to help you! Our years of gathering and analyzing scratch-off games has unlocked some big secrets the lottery doesn’t want you to know! We’ve found 10 key secrets to instant scratch-off games, but it helps to start by reading our Scratch-Off 101 section below.

This content will provide you with the absolute basics you need to know and if you’re really interested in scratch off games, you might enjoy reading these Scratch-Off Facts about the lottery and the scratch off Industry in the USA.

Scratch-Off 101

Here’s where we simplify all of the details about scratch off games and show how it impacts YOU and your odds of winning.

Click on each link below to find out:

How OVERALL ODDS are calculated

Why DETAILED ODDS are a big deal

Ticket number vs game number – what’s the difference?

Why the GAME NUMBER Matters

How the odds of winning change over time

The Importance of ‘Total Number of Tickets Printed’


Scratch-Off 201

Scratch-off players have asked us about three key things over and over.  So we’ve created these brief summaries on these subjects:

Is it better to buy tickets from lottery Vending Machines?

Should I ever buy a book of tickets?

Should I join a lottery club to improve my odds of winning?

Why should you trust ScratchSmarter?

Its all about experience!

After you finish Scratch-Off 101 & 201, you’re ready for our VIDEO SECRETS!

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