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Welcome to Scratch Academy – your free ticket to becoming a savvy scratch-off lottery player! If you’re ready to turn your scratch game enthusiasm into smart choices, you’re in for a treat. We’re here to unravel the mysteries behind those exciting instant games and help you gain an upper hand- helping you win more often and win bigger prizes!

Ever wondered about the secrets hidden behind the glittering world of scratch-off games? Look no further! Scratch Academy is designed just for you – the curious player seeking to understand the ins and outs of the lottery universe.

Discover the power of knowledge and insight as we dive into the nitty-gritty of overall odds and detailed odds. Unearth the game names and numbers that hold the key to your potential winnings. But that’s not all – we’re here to reveal the magic dates too! Learn about game star dates, end dates, and the all-important last day to claim dates. When you understand all of these basics, you’ll no longer be at the mercy of the lottery or the retailer selling you bad games & taking your money! Every dollar you spend on a scratch – off game will be targeted to help put more winnings in your pocket!

No more scratching your head over which game to choose or when to cash in your wins. With Scratch Academy, you’re in control. So, whether you’re a lottery newcomer or a seasoned scratch game enthusiast, get ready to elevate your understanding and enjoyment of these thrilling instant games.

Let’s embark on this learning journey together, where lottery and fun collide – all brought to you by Scratch Academy. Get ready to scratch off the old habits and reveal the new, smarter you in the world of scratch-off games!

Start the path below to get smarter about scratch games. This isn’t a difficult path, but we have included some quizzes to help you earn Smart Points and Scratch Academy Achievements! You can use these points to play our on-line scratch games with chances to earn more points, open up challenges to try different game playing strategies and chances to win free ScratchSmarter subscriptions and other Scratch-off merchandise (coming soon!).

Since 2011, ScratchSmarter has been tracking instant scratch-off lottery game information for almost EVERY state lottery in the US. We’re a team of data professionals who have put our technical experience into ScratchSmarter to help you! Our years of gathering and analyzing scratch-off games has unlocked some big secrets the lottery doesn’t want you to know! We’ve found 10 key secrets to instant scratch-off games, but it helps to start by reading our Scratch-Off 101 section below.

This content will provide you with the absolute basics you need to know and if you’re really interested in scratch off games, you might enjoy reading these Scratch-Off Facts about the lottery and the scratch off Industry in the USA.

Scratch-Off 101

Scratch-off 101 covers all of the basics about scratch off games! These are the critical facts you need to understand before you can master the games and really increase your odds of winning big! Click on each button to get really smart about scratchers!

Scratch-Off 201

Scratch-off players have asked us about three key things over and over.  So we’ve created these brief summaries on these subjects:

After you finish Scratch-Off 101 & 201, you’re ready for our VIDEO SECRETS!

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