Ticket Number vs GAME Number….What’s the Difference?

Did you know there are TWO critically important numbers on every scratch card that are NOT underneath the material you scratch off….but are printed on the front and back of the card.

The FIRST number is on the front of the card and this is commonly know at the “ROLL NUMBER”. This is the number of that specific ticket when is printed off a roll of tickets. Roll numbers range from 000 (or 00 or 0) up to 200 or more. They simply indicated how many tickets are on a particular roll or pack of tickets. A lot of people have theories about buying the lowest ROLL number from a pack – they think that most of the winners on a pack of tickets are at the beginning (or lowest number). We haven’t found ANY published data around winning tickets and their ROLL number, so ScratchSmarter cannot comment on these theories.

The SECOND and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT NUMBER is the “GAME NUMBER”. This is the number of the game that the lottery has designed all of the odds around. This number is usually on the back of the ticket. All of the ScratchSmarter reports have the GAME NUBMER and GAME NAME on our reports. WHY? Not all games make the game number obvious, like on the top of the image below. Sometimes, the Game Number is the beginning of a really log number set on the back of the card. The image below has the Game number at the TOP on the back of the card AND on the bottom as part of a longer number. Just look around at the next ticket you buy and you’ll be able to find the GAME NUMBER somewhere on the back of the ticket.


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