Scratch-Off Secret #1

All of the data on the lottery website can be used to your to help you win more!!!

This video is a LITTLE long, but it’s worth it!   The basics of the secret #1 is almost EVERY lottery in the US publishes a ton of data on their website and, if you collect all of that data every day and process it correctly, you can increase your odds of winning and winning big!     

This only works for scratch off (instant) games because those games have to be pre-printed, with all of the odds defined before they can be sold.   

If you keep track of the games prizes remaining at every prizes level, you can determine exactly how the odds of winning a top prize changes over time!    It’s called “card counting” – a simple method that professional gamblers try to use when playing Black Jack.  But, unlike a card counting in a casino, counting cards for scratch-off games is legal! 

It’s just incredibly difficult to do because the lotteries make it really difficult to gather and analyze all of that data for every single game. That’s where ScratchSmarter comes in!  We’ve been ‘scaping’ the games, game details, game odds and detailed prizes remaining for almost every state, for every game since 2011!   We have analyzed over 25,000 unique games and we publish an updated ‘card count’ on every game every week!  We call it our “SmartFactor”.  The higher the SmartFactor, the better the odds of winning a top prize have changed in your favor!   

This isn’t easy work.  We spend a lot of time, effort and money on keeping our code up to date to constantly gather all of the game date from each lottery website.  This takes time because the websites are constantly changing and we have to re-write our code on a regular basis to keep our analysis up to date!   AND, we’re constantly reviewing each state to see what other dirty tricks they’re pulling to try to steal your hard earned money!   We’ve discovered MANY tactics the lottery users to try increase their profits!  You can learn all about them in our FREE Video secrets!   Just sign up for free to access each of these video secrets to find out more!  We promise you, it won’t be a waste of your time!  No other website has these secrets!  Why?  Because NO ONE else has been gathering Scratch off game info for as long as ScratchSmarter has!   

Its free to check out our videos!  And, no, we don’t blast you with a bunch of spam either!   We ask you to register because we have a fun rewards program where you can earn points for learning how to Scratch Smarter!  You can use those points toward free report subscriptions!  

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