Secret Lottery Hacks That Will Bring You Closer to Winning

According to Investopedia, you have a greater chance of being hit by falling airplane parts than winning the lottery. With those odds, is it ever worth playing? Fortunately, there are secret lottery hacks that can get you closer to winning the lottery. After all, some individuals have won the lotto more than once and have never been hit by falling airplane parts in the process.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some of our best hacks to put you in the best position to win the lotto and prove that it can be a worthwhile endeavor.

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Don’t Buy the Cheapest Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a form of the lottery, but you find out right away if you win or don’t.

The cheapest scratch cards may seem like a better option because they are less expensive, but they also have a lower payout. They’re often cheaper because the amount of money you can win is less than a more expensive card or because the odds of winning aren’t great.

With scratch cards, sometimes quality over quantity is what you need to play for.

Play the Lotto Consistently, Or Buy Scratch Cards Consistently

This may not be what you want to hear, but you must keep playing and playing often to win. While this means you may need to spend some money to make money, you can be compensated several times over if and when you win big.

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play. And you won’t win if you don’t play with consistency.

Play Less Popular Lotteries

Everyone goes for the MegaMillions when several million dollars are at stake. However, going for the lesser-known games with a smaller prize can work in your favor.

You may think you don’t want to play a game that “only” has a prize pool of $500,000 if $20 million is on the line. Remember, it isn’t very likely you’ll win the $20 million, so playing both can boost your odds of winning. If you win the $500,000 but miss out on the $20 million, you’re still $500,000 richer than you were yesterday. In the end, that’s not too shabby.

Keep and Submit All of Your Old Tickets

If you’re playing scratch cards, it can be easy to overlook a winning ticket. That’s especially the case if you’ve purchased several cards at a time and scratched all of them off. As such, when you go to claim your winning cards, submit your losing cards as well. The clerk may give you an eye roll, but it’s better that you get some attitude than potentially lose out on winnings.

There are also cases in which the lotto requests losing tickets. It doesn’t happen often, but if there is no clear winner, the manufacturer may pick the “best” losing ticket. With this in mind, don’t throw away your lotto tickets once you think you’ve lost. Keep them and submit them.

Stick to the Same Game

Pick a game you like and keep playing it until you win big. Since the more tickets you play, the more losing tickets you take out of the pool. You’ll be one step closer to winning for each losing ticket you purchase.

Find Investors or Friends to Help You Pay for Lottery Tickets in Bulk

Stefan Mandel, a Romanian mathematician, found a way to “hack” the lottery and won 14 times before retiring on an island in the South Pacific. Mandel’s hack, however, did land him in jail in Israel due to running a lottery syndicate. We don’t suggest you try Mandel’s method of buying enough lottery tickets for every combination of numbers that the lottery can create, but we suggest you purchase in bulk.

If you can’t afford to buy several lottery tickets at a time, try doing a prize pool with your friends, your company, or other people you know. Speaking with investors can also be a great way to up your chances of winning the lottery, especially if they will give you money upfront to purchase tickets.

With this method, you won’t take home every red cent that you win, but it doesn’t matter anyway if you win several million dollars. You all walk away with heavier pockets that you started with.

Don’t Blow All of Your Money

While purchasing in bulk is a great idea, we don’t suggest that you go into debt for your lottery winnings or that you blow your entire monthly salary on them. You need to play consistently to win, but you also don’t want to play so much that you lose your own money.

Set boundaries with yourself and only allow yourself to spend a set amount of money a month. Don’t go overboard, or you may find yourself with a bigger problem than you started with.

Secret Lottery Hacks

Our secret lottery hacks may help bring you closer to winning, but there is no way to ensure you’ll win the lottery. It comes down to several things, including consistency, skill, and most of all, chance. Unfortunately, gaming the system like Mandel did raises eyebrows and may bring you jail time, which isn’t worth it in the long run.

Like with any skill, the biggest key to success is developing your skills until you one day win big. And on that day, all of your hard work will be worth it.

For more information on how to win the lotto or score with a scratchcard, visit our lottery secrets section on our website.

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