The 10 Best Scratchers To Buy In New Mexico for January 2023

Welcome to Best Scratchers To Buy In New Mexico for January 2023. You’ve come to the right place, and we hope to help you find that Scratchers that makes you a winner of a top prize. Before you scroll down to look at the list, you should know that we created the list base on the best overall odds and we’ve removed the Games that do not have a top prize remaining.

Wait, What? Some Games DON’T have any Top Prizes Left?

Yes, it’s true. We’ve seen some lottery corporations will continue to sell tickets even though ALL of the Top prizes have already been won.

We know this because ScratchSmarter has been collecting data from state lottery’s since 2011. From our experience, we’ve learned their tricks, we’ve learned their secrets, and we want you know benefit from our knowledge and experience. Visit New Mexico Lottery to see some of our Facts about New Mexico Lottery.

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The 10 Best Scratchers to Buy

RankImageGame NameGame #PriceOverall Odds
1$10,000 Crossword Bingo Combo525$102.95
3ScratchSmarter Best Game - 3 for NMSuper Cash Spectacular505$203.15
4ScratchSmarter Best Game - 4 for NMMega Triple 777504$103.20
5ScratchSmarter Best Game - 5 for NMX The Money510$103.44
7ScratchSmarter Best Game - 7 for NMHoliday Luck530$53.6
8ScratchSmarter Best Game - 8 for NMCash Out497$103.61
9$50,000 Money Game531$53.63
10ScratchSmarter Best Game - 10 for NMSuper Triple 777503$53.65

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In our 10+ years of operation, we’ve learned a lot of secrets about the lottery industry and how to improve your chances of winning a top prize.

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