The 3 Best Scratch Cards to Win On

Some people have all the luck. A man in New Jersey won the scratchcard lottery three times in a single day, netting himself five million dollars. Imagine if that had been you! The thrill you get from scratching off that foil can be pretty intense, but how can you make it so you are not wasting your time? This article will go over the best scratch cards to win on any given day, and by the end of the article, you should have a much better idea of what to buy.

That way you will not waste your money on cards that will have nothing for you.

How Can You Know Scratch-Off Tips and Secrets?

ScratchSmarter is a master in scratch-off ticket secrets. Every day we gather information regarding all of the different scratch-off cards available on the market. We then use this information to inform you of which tickets are the most likely to win.

Our business is a legitimate company that uses complicated data analysis to track the chances of receiving a prize. We can then offer you the best scratch cards to win on so that you can make the best purchasing decisions.

Here at ScratchSmarter, we offer a subscription service to give people access to our scratch-off ticket reports. We publish these weekly to give people up-to-the-minute information on a regular basis.

In addition, we sell unique tools for scratching off lottery tickets called scrapers, to help you scratch off multiple tickets in one go.

Our company also offers valuable insights you will have trouble finding elsewhere. Our articles give you information on the sneaky tricks lotteries use to keep you interested. This increases their profits while trying to not repay you the money they owe you.

ScratchSmarter is able to analyze information on scratch-off lottery tickets across forty of the states of the USA.

We are also always looking for ways to expand. If your state is not yet covered, keep checking back for more information.

What Are the Best Scratch Cards to Win On?

Below we list several of the scratch cards in which you have the highest chances of winning a prize. There are several reasons for that, although you should continue to check with ScratchSmarter.

These tickets may increase or decrease the likelihood of offering prizes at any time. The lottery providers are able to continue selling tickets even when no prizes remain.

The following are three scratch cards that offer good opportunities for success:


Currently, the Big Money scratchcard offers one of the very best opportunities to win a prize. With over thirty chances to win on a single ticket, it has significant numbers of ways to succeed.

On top of this, the scratch card has a multiplier for your prize. So, even if you win you could end up getting ten or twenty times the original prize you scratch off. Also, there are two games on the single ticket you buy, which allows you to make your money back on the second even if the first has no return.

On top of that, the top prize is over five million dollars!

In summary, the scratch card works through two different games:

Top game: The primary game asks that you match any of the scratched-off numbers to one of the eight “winning numbers”. If you match any of them, you win the prize under the number. You can also scratch off additional objects to get bonuses:

  • Coin: This wins you that prize automatically without having to match a number
  • 10X: Uncovering this allows you to win ten times the prize you uncovered
  • 20X: Uncovering this allows you to win twenty times the prize you uncovered
  • Big Money: Uncovering this means you win all of the prizes in game 1 simultaneously

Bottom game: Your number and the winning number are side by side in the same row. If you match these, you win the prize for that specific row.

2. $5,000,000 Power Payday

The $5,000,000 Power Payday starts off on very similar terms to the above “BIG MONEY” scratch card. The simple rules of the card are that you can match any of your numbers at the top of the card to the twenty-five numbers underneath. If they match, you win the listed prize.

The Lightbulb acts like the above “Coin”, allowing you to win the prize without matching the number. Also, the Payday symbol acts like “Big Money”, allowing you to win all twenty-five prizes.

If you match a number with the Power Pay 50X box, you win 50x whatever the listed prize is, and a Power symbol in the bonus spot wins that prize instantly.

This scratchcard has several ways to win, letting you have several ways to get one of those top prizes.


Like the above two cards, this one has eight winning numbers that you must match to one of the 26 prizes to win. The game also uses Monopoly’s unique branding for its other prizes.

If you uncover a GO symbol then, like the game, you win two hundred dollars. A Money Bag will grand you fifty times whatever prize you revealed. A Hat wins you ten times the prize, and a Chest wins you twenty times the revealed reward.

As of the 13th of April, there are over $42 million in remaining prizes, but it would cost $39 million to buy the remaining tickets. This means you are in a better than normal chance of a high return per dollar spent. As usual, however, there are no guarantees.

Where Can I Find My State’s Scratch Cards

There is a chance these scratch cards are not available in your state. If you wish to find information on scratch cards in your state, check our website for more details.

What Next?

Now that you know the best scratch cards to win on we hope you have fun and do so safely. If you have any other questions about how to go about winning with scratch cards or how to use our tips in a sensible manner, remember to get in contact.

Our teams are on-hand to give you further advice and let you know more information about the scratch card industry, so just say hi!

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