Where to Buy Scratch Off Tickets Online

Scratch offs have come a long way since their inception in the 1970s. First created for the Massachusetts lottery by John Koza and Dan Bower, what was once a major chance is now a staple at grocery store and liquor store checkouts.

Did you know that you don’t have to leave your home to win $1 million (or more) on a scratch-off? Yes, you can buy scratch tickets online, and they’re legal, real, and have actual monetary prizes.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best places to buy scratch off tickets online, making sure you’re only buying legit scratch offs. Read on for more!

Are You Sure Online Scratch Offs Are Legit?

Yes! However, this is a fair question. We’ve all been minding our business scrolling, only to be accosted by a random ad telling us we’ll be millionaires if online we give up all of our information.

Sure, some of these online scratch offs may be phishing schemes or a scheme in which a scammer claims to need your information for something and runs away with sensitive details. With phishing schemes, you never get what you’re promised. If a website looks too good to be true, it likely is.

Knowing where to purchase online scratch offs is the best way to ensure you don’t fall prey to these schemes, and any prizes you win are legitimate.

Playing Country or State-Sanctioned Scratch Offs

One way to know that the scratch offs you’re playing online are legit is that they’re country or state-sanctioned. For example, the United Kingdom has an entire website, Lottoland, dedicated to these online scratch offs. You can even support UK charities like the British Red Cross by purchasing these tickets and dipping your toes into the scratch-off waters.

Scratch offs sanctioned by particular countries doesn’t end with the UK, though. In fact, there are several states in the United States where you can purchase lotto tickets, for bigger wins or draw games, as well as for instant wins.

The following states have online “scratch offs” where you can win instantly:

To play these online scratch offs, you’ll need to head over to their official websites.

How Much Can You Win with State Official Scratch Offs?

How much you can win with these scratch offs depends on each state and its rules. Georgia, for example, offers online tickets where you can instantly win up to $150,000. The state of Michigan, in contrast, has games in which you can win up to $500,000 instantly.

Can You Enter More Than One State’s Online Scratch Off?

It can certainly seem tempting to buy as many online scratch offs as possible and hedge your bets. After all, what’s stopping you from buying a scratch-off in Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania? The law is, actually.

Unfortunately, you have to be located in the state in order to play and claim any winnings–just like you would be if you purchased a scratch-off in person.

You can usually claim up to a certain amount online, and then you must appear in person if your loot is in excess of that.

State-sanctioned scratch offs will have technology employed to ensure that you are purchasing your ticket within that state itself and to detect any kind of VPN to spoof your location.

What Are Online Lotto Subscriptions?

Many states also offer an online lotto subscription service, which you can manage via the Internet. These, however, are different from scratch offs, and it doesn’t mean that you’ll be receiving a certain amount of scratch offs each month.

These subscription services give you an entry each week into bigger prize drawings, allowing you to pay in advance. You can choose how many tickets you want to buy at a time.

Do not mistake this for scratch offs, as you will not win instantly.

Other Online Slots and Scratch Offs

Online scratch offs are not only available from specific countries or states, but you can also play them via virtual casinos and websites or apps dedicated to winning big instantly. As we stated above with the prevalence of phishing schemes and other hacking operations, you’ll need to be sure you’re playing legitimate games or apps.

IGT or International Gaming Technology is one of the most well known when it comes to gambling and online winning. These scratch offs and slots can be played both online and off, and are supported by most casinos.

Some of the most trusted online gambling sites including the official websites of well-known casinos themselves, like Harrah’s, as well as Chumba Casino and Lucky Land. Most of these are not necessarily online scratch-offs but operate as an almost hybrid of a slot machine and a scratch-off. Like their “real life” based counterparts, they pay off with money instantly.

Figuring Out Where to Buy Scratch Off Tickets Online

If you’re a gambling newbie or have never taken your game online before, it can seem overwhelming to know which games to pick. Figuring out where to buy scratch off tickets online can seem like you’re trying to pick out the real tickets from the faux without much context.

Hopefully, however, this article has helped give you some confidence on which games are real and can give you an instant payout.

Ready to purchase your online scratch cards? Hold off for just a little bit longer and read some of our strategies for winning scratch offs before you take the plunge!

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